I write short stories, draft novels, dabble in flash when I’m feeling wordy, and submit more than my not-always-thick skin can take.

In 2019, I plan to finish another draft novel. I hope to start a Master’s in Creative Writing – presuming my visa issues get sorted. I hope to figure out this submission thing so that I understand better where my writing might fit in the world of literary journals and competitions. I hope to go on retreats – proper ones or self-made ones – and sit in quiet hotel rooms surrounded by atmospheric landscapes. I hope to write things I sometimes like.

The novel I’m hoping to finish is:

  • How big the sky

Tabitha is sure her mother’s current quest to find happiness by building a temple in the backyard will fail like all the others. When she and her new schoolfriend start to help, however, Tabitha sees the joy of the project spreading beyond her family, as long as they can keep her mother’s new boyfriend from ruining it.


You can read my work here.

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