The slog

When I started reading about self-publishing I read a lot of helpful articles that said things like, “it’s instant!”, and “one weekend is all it takes!”. After a couple of weeks including 6 days over Easter, I can safely say they lied.

Applying for and receiving an ISBN took several days, learning about and then formatting the manuscript took even longer (including many hours of hair pulling), and then experimenting with a cover (which was the fun part) took even longer again.

It got to the point where I couldn’t even pretend that I knew what I was doing anymore, and my wonderful partner,  family, and friends all stepped up and helped me out with the blurb and cover options.

Today, finally, I ordered a proof copy. And the excitement has hit! Except that I still have to go to work and be all diligent and conscientious because that is just who I am. I am also impatient, however, so have paid twice as much to receive the proof this week instead of by the end of April.

I’m already rethinking the cover, and know at least two things in the actual manuscript I will probably need to change, but it is still feeling so close. So very close!

By Alison Theresa

Writer in progress. Australian in Birmingham. MA student at University of Birmingham. I write words and sometimes people publish them. I am working on my fourth (and fifth) novels.

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